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2018 Accomplishments

New Water Purification Specialists

  • Trained eight (8) new water team specialists in local Haitian communities on the installation, use, and maintenance of the McGuire chlorination system

  • Provided Health & Hygiene (H&H) training to four (4) communities (where new systems were installed)

Mission Field

  • Mobilized seventeen (17) volunteers to Haiti over three separate trips - January 2018 and April 2018

  • Installed four (4) new purification systems and trained & certified community leaders on the use & maintenance of the systems.  Sites included:

    • - Casale (church and school with over 300 students K-5)

      • partnered with Hands Together for Salvation in the installation

    • - New Christian Church of Tabarre (church and school)

    • - Deuvre Divine de Dufalty School (with 300 students)

    • - Saut D'Eau Community

  • ​Visited twelve (12) sites where systems were previously installed.  Enacted repairs where possible and placed other items on list for follow-up during upcoming trips

  • Evaluated six (6) new sites for potential system installations during upcoming trips


Strategic Partnerships

  • Continued to support ShoeCrew Water Projects through the collection of slightly used shoes to fund new wells and participation in Open House at new Chesterfield Mall location

  • Developed strategic partnership with Hands Together for Salvation by working together to install a purification system in Casale supporting a church and school

Mobilizing / Fundraising

  • Supported the Missouri Irish Festival in St. Charles, MO to enhance awareness and demonstrate the chlorinator operation

  • Held one (1) Dine-to-Donate event at Texas Road House to increase public knowledge of the need for clean water

  • Hosted second annual Bowling for Water fundraiser at Bowlero in St. Peters, MO

  • Participated in DPC Vacation Bible School and Fort Zumwalt South STEM program to raise awareness with our youth

Casale school (children impacted).PNG

Get Involved:


  • Clean water is not a luxury; it is essential to human life

  • Sign up to be trained today and/or donate to support bringing clean water to the world

~ 88 cents of every dollar raised goes directly towards water projects in the form of training, mobilizing, system installations, and/or system repair

SWT has been a Missouri 501(c)3 Corporation in good standing since March of 2013.  All contributions are tax deductible.

You can make a difference!

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