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Eighty percent of all sickness worldwide is due to water-borne illnesses.


You can do something about it.

Strategic Water Teams Corporation is a faith-based organization that focuses on restoring health, hope, and faith by providing safe, clean drinking water to all those in need.


Sponsorship Opportunities

SWT is actively seeking opportunities to fully sponsor a purification system

for missionaries in the field.

Please contact us if your mission or the community it serves would benefit from clean water.


Upcoming Training Dates


Summer 2022

contact us to schedule your preferred date

Partnering with
New Life International


We are people of faith who have learned how to make a difference in the world. 


We train indigenous leaders to test their water, to purify their water, and to improve community sanitation. 


We're hands on. We do it. We teach it. Let us teach you as well. You will be changed forever.


Haitians are desperate for clean water. Two million people in Port au Prince have no sewage district, no water treatment plant. Thousands of communities remain negatively impacted from the 2010 earthquake. 


We teach local leaders how to improve the health of their communities. After all, they're in it for life.


Our overhead is small - a little postage, some office supplies. We are volunteers. We meet in libraries and work out of our homes, our cars, and our hearts.


Eighty-eight cents of every dollar go into actual water projects. It's actually simple. Education is the answer to poverty. Sick kids can't learn.

Get Involved

Clean water is not a luxury; it is essential to human life. Cholera and other waterborne illnesses are not.

Learn to install purifiers and teach basic health and hygiene. If you ever wanted to make this world a better place, here's your chance. You can do this. Join us!

Strategic Water Teams Corporation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Contributions are tax deductible.

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