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Our Objectives: It all comes down to clean water.

Two million people live in Port au Prince.  It is a city without a sewer system or a municipal water district.  Even public water supplies are contaminated.  We know.  We've tested them.  Many Haitians still depend on the rivers to do their laundry, to bathe, to wash their dishes, and to drink.  There is a better way.

Objective 1.  Train the Trainers

We provide training to churches and individuals to give them the tools needed for entering the mission field.


Training includes:

  • Set-up, operation, and maintenance of the McGuire chlorination system

  • Health & Hygiene fundamentals

  • Assessing a community's needs for a water purification system

  • Methods for collecting, storing, and transferring water

  • Lessons learned from previous mission trips  

Objective 2.  Install Water Purification Systems

Common table salt is a universal source of chlorine.  With a handful of salt and an ordinary car battery, a chlorine generator like this one can purify 10,000 gallons of water per day.


We travel to countries where the need for clean water exists and work side-by-side with local community leaders, teaching them how to install and maintain these systems.


We work to install new systems, conduct follow-up surveys for systems previously installed, and perform assessments for future installations with each trip to the mission field.

Objective 3.  Provide Health & Hygiene Training

Clean water is only half of the battle.  We endeavor to train communities on the importance of proper health and hygiene to remain healthy.


Training includes:

  • Methods of disease transmission

  • Importance of handwashing and using soap 
    (and installation and use of Tippy-Tap handwashing stations)

  • Uses for the bi-products of chlorination

  • Importance of cleaning cookware and containers used for transporting clean water

Objective 4.  Repair Hand Pumps

Worldwide, millions of wells are useless because no one there knows how to repair the pumps.  It's only a matter of time before something breaks.  But most local communities have no knowledge or funding for making repairs.


We have been trained to repair hand pumps in the field and we train others to do the same.  The potential for a micro-business is obvious.  Our goal is to transfer knowledge, skills, and tools to those who can use them while working to repair the means for getting water that we can then purify.

Objective 5.  Improve Local Awareness

All funding for system installation comes in the form of donations and public support.  As such, we work to improve local awareness to the need for clean water all over the world.  Our outreach efforts include sponsoring the "hospitality" tent for local festivals, organizing community fundraisers, speaking with churches or other mission-related organizations, and maintaining our website and Facebook pages.

Objective 6.  Promote the Love of Jesus Christ

Through all of our work, we seek to demonstrate the love of Christ in a tangible way.  We pray with community leaders over each tank of clean water or repaired hand pump.  We additionally provide testimonials as to the Living Water of Jesus Christ while working to share the gospel with members of the local communities supported.

Objective 7.  Develop Strategic Partnerships

We work to foster strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations supporting the need for clean water.  


Such organizations include:

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