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2022 Goals

Promote New Systems to the Mission Field

  • Sponsor at least 5 new purification systems in support of missionaries headed to the field for providing clean water to those in need

  • Seek opportunities to physically travel to Haiti or other areas in need of clean water

  • Evaluate a new site for potential future system installation

Train the Trainers

  • Hold a local training class with the goal of training five (5) new water team specialists

  • Train a minimum of two (2) new specialists (community representatives) per purifier installation site (while in the field)

Spread the Love of Jesus Christ

  • Share the good news of the "Living Water" of Jesus Christ at every opportunity (with communities at new site installations and sites of repairs, during local training classes, during mobilizing events, etc.)

  • Continue to pray (with community leaders) at the beginning of each project and after water has been purified or hand pumps have been restored to operation

  • Use gifts such as crosses and Christian bracelets to help teach children in the mission field about the Gospel

Support Existing System Evaluations and Repairs

  • Continue to work with local Haitian resources for the evaluation of systems in the Port Au Prince and Mirebalais areas 

  • Provide parts and materials necessary for the upkeep and operation of the systems evaluated

  • Receive confirmation of the restoration of repaired systems to full operation

  • Identify opportunities for remote training of community resources to keep systems up and operational


Strategic Water Teams Corporation is a fath-based organization that focuses on restoring health, hope, and faith by providing clean water to all those in need

Why We Do It... 

We are a Christian outreach organization that seeks to demonstrate the love of Christ in a real and tangible way

Grow and Nurture Strategic Partnerships

  • Continue to actively support our strategic partnerships with New Life International, Joy in Haiti, Mission of Hope, El Roi Haiti, etc.

  • Seek other like-minded organizations with whom to pursue strategic relationships

  • Partner with Mission Organizations for which we sponsor systems to receive routine feedback and updates to assist in maintain the systems installed

  • Expand upon our partnerships for implementing local teams in Haiti and other areas that can provide periodic/routine monitoring of installed systems

Improve Community Awareness 

  • Participate in mobilizing events to improve community awareness into the need for clean water

  • Visit with the Mission Committee of at least one new church to share our mission and to seek involvement (develop new trainees to enter the mission field)

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