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Training Course Outline

In many parts of the world people do not understand the relationship between good community health practices and clean water. We teach not only how to produce safe clean drinking water, we teach how to improve community sanitation. We use a holistic approach. Killing all the bacteria in the water does no good if it goes home in a contaminated bucket.

First Day

Morning Session

1.  Welcome and Introduction
2.  Workshop: Water Testing 
3.  Community Development

     - Cultural Awareness

     - Improving Sanitation

4.  Health & Hygiene

     - Purification Methods

     - Handwashing
5.  Disease Transmission
     - Parasites and Worms

     - Mosquito-borne Illnesses

     - Cholera 

6.  Nutrition

     - Preventing Diarrhea and Dehydration

Second Day
Final Session


11.  System Review
12.  Water Transfer

13.  Applications for Water Purification
13.  Lab: Multi-Tank Installations
14.  Workshop: Water Purification
15.  Review, Q & A, Wrap-up


First Day

Afternoon Session


  7.  How the Purifier Works

  8.  Single Tank Manifold
  9.  Lab: Assembling a Working System

 10.  Questions & Answers

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