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Get involved. Get excited. Make a difference. 

Volunteer Opportunities:


  • ​Missouri River Irish Fest

    • Frontier Park in St. Charles, MO

      • September 10-12, 2021​

  • Water Purification Training

    • Dardenne Presbyterian​​

      • Fall 2021

  • Use your creative talent to help us with any of the following endeavors:

    • website​

    • newsletter

    • social media

    • community outreach

  • Mission Trip to Haiti 

    • are you coming with us?

How to get involved:
Some folks don't  even have faucets.

We recently asked a group of US elementary students how they got a drink of water at home. One little girl replied, "I go to the refrigerator door." 


That left us speechless. ​ Most Haitians don't have refrigerators.  Many don't have kitchens. 

Some don't even have homes. It is a different world.

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