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How You Can Help

Get Trained as a Water Team Specialist....

  • Learn how to set-up, operate, and maintain the McGuire Water Purifier

  • Learn fundamentals of Health and Hygiene Training

  • Identify how to assess the needs of a community in a third world country for establishment of a water purification system

  • Identify methods for collecting and transferring water for purification

  • Cover "Lessons Learned" from previous mission trips

  • Fill out an interest card or visit our website

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Request Additional Information...

  • SWT will provide presentations to your Church or Organization as to our mission, objectives, and ways in which we accomplish each

  • Visit us on Facebook for updates of our current activities and photos of mission trips

  • Fill out an information card today


Join us on an Upcoming Mission Trip...

  • SWT participates in an average of two mission trips per year (primarily to Haiti)

  • Obtain hands-on experience in the establishment of new systems for supporting churches, communities, and schools

  • Participate in health and hygiene training and in the set-up of Tippy-Tap hand washing stations

  • Learn how to evaluate and repair hand-pumps for getting water out of the ground

  • Come with us or learn from us when taking your own mission trip



  • Volunteers are greatly needed!

  • Help at awareness events such as the Missouri Irish Festival and Festival of the Little Hills

  • Participate in and/or volunteer in the organizing of fundraising activities

  • Lead an effort with your church or organization to get a core team involved in training or supporting an upcoming event

  • Support one of our Strategic Partners

Bucancare (Ed giving water) -
Join the SWT Team...

  • Use your creative talent to help us with any of the following endeavors:

    • website​

    • newsletter

    • social media

    • community outreach

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