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Strategic Water Teams in Action

Mission Haiti:


It is a primary objective of Strategic Water Teams to train churches and individuals on the use of the McGuire Water Chlorination system as a tool for providing clean water to developing nations all over the world.  While graduates from the SWT Water Purification and Health & Hygiene training class have successfully installed systems in places such as Uganda and Nepal, Haiti has become an area of focus for new system installations.


Embedded with several disaster relief organizations, members of SWT were quickly on the scene in Haiti to install purification systems to provide clean drinking water after the devastating earthquake in January 2010.  Based on the tremendous need for help, members of SWT have been going back annually ever since.  With each visit, the teams work to:


1)  Install new systems for communities in need.  For each installation, we work hand-in-hand with community leaders to install the system and train key individuals on its use and on maintenance & upkeep.  


2)  Train communities on the importance of proper health and hygiene.  Where possible, we work to set up local handwashing stations and train on their use.


3)  Visit sites where systems have been previously installed to access their status and usage.  Where necessary, we work to repair / replace components (e.g. batteries, battery chargers, generators, tanks, valves, etc.) that may be keeping the system from being fully utilized.


4)  Troubleshoot and repair hand pumps to restore them to operation for getting water to communities that may currently be doing without.


5)  Meet with new communities and survey new sites for potential future installations.


6)  Spread the love of Jesus Christ and the gospel of the 'Living Water' in all that we do.


As of February 2018, SWT has over 50 systems installed in Haiti with new systems going in with each visit.  We endeavor to conduct follow-up visits to each site at least every three years.  Your donations and participation make this continuing mission possible.


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